Friday, October 10, 2014

Halloween Horror Night 24

                                                                   ♫  Walking Dead Theme ♫ 
                                                    Ticket info for HHN 24:
                                                            ♫Welcome to the Masquerade
     Both of these pictures were actually taken at night. I was on a slower shutter speed on a manual setting that let in more light so I could get the subjects to stand out. Because of the lack of light and slow shutter speed, camera shake was a big problem. So, I sat in the middle of the road for the one above. Then I moved to the sidewalk for the one below...mostly because a guy with a chainsaw came at me indicating I needed to move.
When he saw my camera he waved, the mask says "DOG"
      The Purge auctions. My brother and I "won" the bidding of a group and the actors were promptly yanked down from the bus kicking and screaming.
     These are some of the winning characters that artist's from Faceoff created. Each one was standing on its own display surrounded by street scare actors and thick amounts of fog.

        This woman is from the Voodoo scare zone on your way to "Doll house" and "Roanoke" houses.
Doll house
Still Doll
 And yes, if you thought there were baby doll limbs glued to the shutters, you'd be correct.

   Me getting a Henna Tattoo. The artist was pretty amazing. I pulled the sketch up on my phone and he did it free hand on my arm no problem. If you're going to Universal any time soon, check it out, they do Henna year around at Islands of Adventure.
This is how it looked while it was still drying.


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